Stephen Y. Ascher, III

Stephen Y. Ascher, III


Stephen Y. Ascher, III

Sr. Agent, Miramar Brands Group, Inc.,

Stephen Ascher, III, is Sr. Agent for Miramar Brands Group, Inc., Mr. Ascher acts as Agent for the development of Miramar’s global end-to-end supply chain initiatives and those of its owned brands and its clients throughout the world.

Mr. Ascher graduated from the University of Arizona, where he played D1 football at strong safety. Mr. Ascher earned a BA in Social Science with a minor in History.

Mr. Ascher is the founder of the Exquisite™ and Havuk™ brands, managed by Miramar.

Mr. Ascher is an avid sports enthusiast, enjoys all outdoor sports including golf, skiing, deep-sea fishing, auto racing, mountain biking, snowmobiling and backcountry skiing.

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