Juan Miguel Boehm Rojas

Juan Miguel Boehm Rojas



Senior Agent

Mr. Boehm is a Commercial Engineer with a Business Administration Degree from Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Mr. Boehm has an extensive experience in strategic planning, execution of commercial plans and management of marketing and sales teams. He started working at 21 years old in 1987. Through his professional career he served as commercial executive in different levels of the organization giving him experience and relationship with Advertising companies, BTL, Digital Marketing and Market Research.
Mr. Boehm has also a great expertise in designing and manufacturing apparel products. He has worked with many important China manufacturers for more than 20 years.

Mr. Boehm has participated directly in Development of New Businesses, Brands and Products, Licensing, Creation and Execution of Promotional Marketing Projects.

He is a native Spanish speaker. In 1986 he moved to Albuquerque to perfect a second language and got a certificate in Proficiency in English in the University of New Mexico.

Mr. Boehm acquired his professional experience working in different and important companies in Chile such as Nestlé and Ripley. He settled his own company X-Limit S.A. in 2007.

Mr. Boehm, lives in Santiago, Chile, is married with Paulina Lucherini since 1990 and has 4 children, enjoys travelling and is a sport enthusiast. He is still playing soccer as a goalkeeper in senior league and is an excellent tennis player. He loves spend time with family travelling and discovering new places.
Also has 2 dogs, one old English bulldog and a young female Rhodesian ridgeback dog.

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