Elle Appoints Ruyi to Expand Women’s Accessories Line

Elle Appoints Ruyi to Expand Women’s Accessories Line

Elle magazine and Ruyi Design and Manufacture have partnered to launch a line of Elle soft and cold-weather accessories later this year.  Ruyi will join forces with Elle’s in-house team to create the new collection of accessories. The line will include mufflers, scarves, hats, caps, wraps and gloves.  

“At Elle, we take a great pride in designing products with style and purpose,” says Eva Platini, director, licensing, Americas, Elle. “Ruyi Design shares these values while delivering on our highest standards and we are excited about this new partnership. This new collection will reflect the brand’s philosophy that fashion should be empowering and optimistic.”

The collection will be launched in time to celebrate the brand’s 75th anniversary, focusing on women’s empowerment. Ruyi introduced the first Elle accessories collection during the Cold Weather New York market week, early January. “Elle is more than a magazine; this is a lifestyle brand,” says Platini. “Soft and cold-weather accessories are a natural extension to our apparel collection at Kohl’s and, as a fashion brand, it is essential to develop these categories and to express the distinctive look and feel of the brand’s positioning.”



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