BeachBum Sportz Named Official Headwear Brand for Miramar® and Its 2024 Global King & Queen of the Beach® Tours and Events 

Merchandise Features Up-Cycled Leather from Iconic Miramar® King of the Beach® Volleyballs 

TORRANCE, CA – February 6, 2024 – South Bay-based BeachBum Sportz, an interactive apparel brand that incorporates sports leather into its products, has been named the official headwear brand for Miramar’s King & Queen of the Beach® tours and events.  

Miramar’s domestic King & Queen of the Beach® Tours and events include partners like the Amateur Athletic Union, the National Collegiate Sand Volleyball Association, Beach Volleyball National Events, Fudpuckers, Model Beach Volleyball and others. Internationally, Miramar, through its partners at Sportworx and the Queen & King of the Court® tournaments and events, are home to international, fast-paced beach volleyball. This season’s first tournament will be February 14th – 17th, 2024, in Tenerife, The Canary Islands, Spain. The event will be streamed live on  

“Our initial collaboration that led to our Miramar® King of the Beach® hat line brought forth this new partnership,” said the Founder of BeachBum Sportz, John LaBreche. “There is no better way to expand upon the partnership and match the excitement and uniqueness that the Queen & King of the Court® brings than through these one-of-a-kind products.” 

The Miramar® King of the Beach® line by BeachBum Sportz features eight assorted styles of hats and is accessorized with up-cycled volleyball leather, making each one a unique story. The new line can be found at

“With over two million Miramar® King of the Beach® volleyballs sold globally since 1983, we’re honored to reconstruct and recycle parts of our past together with John and his team at BeachBum Sportz as we grow our global sports, apparel and lifestyle company with the next generation,” said Miramar® and King of the Beach® founder Stephen Ascher.  

“We can’t be more pleased to be a part of the global push towards a circular retail environment together with John and BeachBum Sportz for Miramar® and King of the Beach® and our Crown Brands,” added Olympic beach volleyball legend, Christopher St. John ‘Sinjin’ Smith. “From our early days along California’s golden shores, and the founding of our brands along America’s Riviera, it’s been an amazing journey. It’s great to see John and his team creatively take the King of the Beach® ball, the greatest beach volleyball ever made, and our Miramar® products in this new and exciting direction.” 

About Miramar®/King of the Beach® 
Miramar®, King & Queen of the Beach® and Queen & King of the Court were founded in 1983 by Stephen Ascher and Christopher St. John “Sinjin” Smith along the Golden Shores of California. The duo first met at Miramar Beach, a small, but legendary beach enclave near Santa Barbara, California, together with the Sideout® brand. These American Riviera Brands™, with their rich sports lifestyle history, were founded on a belief that there is a higher level of consciousness to be found within oneself through the personal life journey that the global volleyball, surf and beach lifestyle provides. 2024 marks the 40th anniversary of Miramar® King of the Beach ® volleyballs, the number one beach volleyball in the world today. To learn more about Miramar®, King & Queen of the Beach® or Queen & King of the Court, please visit, or  

About BeachBum Sportz 
Inspired by his family, John LaBreche sought to create a unique, wearable and interactive apparel line, connecting brands and teams with their fans. Their apparel incorporates technology and sports leather to create tangible memories for consumers. Committed to sustainability, their products feature up-cycled and repurposed sports leather. To learn more about BeachBum Sportz and their products, please visit

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