When it comes to authentic surf wear, there aren’t many brands with more history than Hang Ten. Founded in 1960 by Doris Moore and Duke Boyd in Seal Beach, CA, the iconic line of board shorts, shirts, and other accessories has come to represent the surfcentric lifestyle of the West Coast all around the world.


Boyd, who was born in Kansas City in 1934 and began surfing at age 12 in Hawaii, knew firsthand what surfers needed in the water. He approached Doris Moore with a design for a surf jacket to help surfers stay warm. Moore took a look at the designs and noticed the swim trunks underneath the jacket: that was what they needed to make. And so, the first pair of Hang Ten boardshorts were born, designed specifically to withstand the wear and tear of the ocean.


Soon after, Boyd and Moore decided on a name: Hang Ten. A term synonymous with mastering the art of nose riding, it was the perfect name for their new brand. They then developed the golden, embroidered bare feet tag that would become the brand’s trademark. Those two bare feet would go on to become recognized around the world, as would the companies cheeky advertisements, which graced the inside cover of Surfer Magazine.

Hang Ten was one of the first surf brands to sponsor events and help turn young surfers into athletes, establishing competitions around the world to help get young riders showcased in magazines and on TV. While Boyd and Moore sold the company in the 1970s, the name Hang Ten has lived on as a global phenomenon in the hearts of surfers around the world.

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