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Brands, Clients, Partnerships and Retailers

Brands, Clients, Partnerships and Retailers

Our clients, brands and retail partners are among the most powerful in the world .

Brand Management, Global Consumer Goods Sectors

Brand Management, Global Consumer Goods Sectors

Our projects have led to over $5 Billion in global annual retail sales.

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  • News, Media, Design, Consulting and Brand Creation

    News, Media, Design, Consulting and Brand Creation

    Omnichanel™. Old media is becoming new, "The World, In Your Hand." Are you looking to catch up in todays new brand world?



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    Value creation.  That’s important here to us at Miramar Brands Group, Inc. (“MBGI”).  MBGI and its executives have been responsible for creating over $5 Billion in annual global retail sales for its clients.

    The numbers tell the story, we’re here 24/7 to lead your brand in new directions throughout the world.

    Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by encouraging brands, media companies, individuals, retailers, corporations, celebrities or entertainers to think and act differently about how they connect in our new global world. After all, today is all about how brands and retailers can keep up with needs of its customers and grow the base.

    Miramar Brands Group, Inc., headquartered in Pasadena, California, is all about the innovation and expansion of retail and consumer brands worldwide. Miramar is a leading global, privately held independent brand management, licensing, consulting, celebrity and media marketing and design company.

    • “ Globally, Miramar has been a key partner for us, as we have expanded in North America, Mexico, Europe, Asia, South America and the EMEA. Miramar has created over $300 Million in additional global retail sales for our ELLE™, ELLE Decor, ELLE Home and ELLE Garden and furniture brands. We’re very excited about our recent global deal together with Li & Fung for ELLE Decor, the largest supply chain manager in the world .”

      Lagardère Active Enterprises, Paris, France - Fabrice Plaquevent

      Chairman and CEO, Lagardère Active Enterprises, ELLE, ELLE Decor, ELLE Home, ELLE Homme
    • “ Working with Miramar on our Spalding® King of the Beach®, Queen of the Beach™, King of the Court® and Queen of the Court™ partnerships and creating our ‘grass roots tour,’ with over 1,000 events and 75 stops in the US for 2016 has been very rewarding and exciting . We’re looking forward to great things in 2017 and beyond and have just renewed our license agreement for another 3 years.”

      Spalding®, Bowling Green, KY - Paul Sullivan

      Fruit of the Loom®, Russell Brands, Spalding® - General Manager - FOTL, Inc.
    • “ Miramar stepped in and took over, delivering one of the largest transactions ever in the history of our industry with Kohl’s Department Stores for our Tony Hawk® Clothing brand. We couldn’t believe it when it was done. ”

      Marty Samuels

      Executive-Vice President, Hawk Designs, a division of Quiksilver